Other Comics by Zoia J. Hitzig

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Mini Comics

***Link: Minicomic Samples

A Dream of Shining Aliens

A Dream of a Wish for Home

A Dream of a Truck that Gave me Trouble

A Dream I am a Fossilized Brachiopod

A Dream of Dog Cuddles: with Pals and Puppies

A Dream of Mysterious Changes

Inner Song

Pancake’s Shirt Search



Wedding Invitation Love Story (Katie & Caleb)


Hourly Comics

1 Feb 2015 – A B C D


Silly Solutions

Silly Solutions 1 – 9


Oddball Shorts

Ground Nuts

Local News

Pug Hunger

Dog Dream

Here for the Museum

Lisa and Ramos

No Parking


No Photos

Career Choices

Been So Long

Biking Home at Night – panel 1



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