Tanticani is a comic that follows Sherlock and Doyle, brother and sister, respectively, into a new apartment in an old house full of other artists of many sorts.

Although I’ve been an artist for my entire life, I’m a novice as a comic artist, so, if you go back to the very beginning, you will see some art adjustments and experimentation in the first couple chapters of the comic. I have finally reached a point where I am pretty happy with my artwork (room for improvement, but no longer embarrassed!), and am now focusing my efforts on improving at storytelling and dialog writing.



I’m aiming for full page updates are on the first and third Thursday of every month. Some other Thursdays will bring small “Interlude” sketches, drawings, and GIFs in the blog section below the comic.


The Name

The name Tanticani comes from the Italian words for “Lots of Dogs.” If you read the comic you will discover why that is applicable.



Tanticani Comic is created by Zoia J. Hitzig.


Content Rating

So far, the only thing I’d flag for a parent to review is a single use of the word “shit” on page 5.